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Learn About Spray Tanning


Prep Your Skin

1. For best results, exfoliate before your session and focus on the driest areas — elbows, knees, hands, feet and the backs of your ankles. ZIP TANZ offers a wide array of exfoliating products like this pre-session exfoliant. Try to avoid waxing or other spa treatments the day of your spray tan. 2. The day of your spray tan, don’t use moisturizers unless they are specifically formulated for sunless tanning (i.e., oil-free).

What To Wear

3. Avoid wearing perfumes, deodorant or makeup that can create a barrier for absorption. Avoid wearing tight clothing and shoes such as boots, socks or tights, which may rub off some of the spray tan and cause uneven results.

4. Wear dark, loose-fitting clothes. If possible, wear nail polish. Even if your nail polish is clear coat, it will help protect your nails from discoloration.

Tan Fact: Your spray tan develops in 4-6 hours and can last up to 7 days!


Just Before your Sunless Tanning Session

5. Once you’re set up in one of our private and secure tanning room, disrobe to your level of comfort. If you choose not to spray tan nude, wear a swimsuit or undergarment that you don’t mind possibly staining. Be sure to remove all jewelry and wear a protective hair cap. ZIP TANZ also supplies disposable undergarments, if preferred.

Prep & Protect

6. Barrier cream is an important element for prepping your spray tan. Apply a light layer of the cream in areas where skin tends to be rougher — hands, fingers, feet, toes and the sides of your feet. Don’t forget to apply to your cuticles, as well. These areas tend to soak up more spray solution. For your protection and convenience, ZIP TANZ provides hair caps and protective eyewear.

7. Avoid the following for At least 4 hours: Activities that make you sweat heavily: jogging etc. We suggest you avoid swimming in chlorinated pools for 3 days after your spray tan.


Keep Your Glow Longer

8. Moisturize daily with some of the Zip Tanz post sunless Beware: Drugstore lotions may contain oils and other ingredients that can shorten the life of your spray tan.
9. Avoid body washes that contain harsh soaps, exfoliants or oils. These ingredients can also shorten the life of your tan. We recommend using soaps that are especially formulated to extend the life of your tan. Zip Tanz carries the most current brands in the market.
10. Avoid using pore strips, bandages and exfoliants (until you’re ready to spray again).

If you follow these tips before, during and after spray tanning, your Amazing sunless tan can last up to 7 days.

Tanning Tips

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