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Quicker, Cleaner, Stronger, Better!

That’s us in a nutshell. Zip Tanz people just follow a higher orbital path.

Zip Tanz is constantly searching for remarkable people, who are put together differently than most. We are growing and we continually seek new talent. Not just another smiling face but an individual who really “gets it”, and seeks to become a part of something that is REALLY special. New talent refreshes and energizes our team new ideas and fresh beginnings, all combined with the professional standards of our veteran staff keep Zip Tanz on the edge!

We are always hunting for Tanning Consultants, Management, Room Attendants, Support Center Staff, and just about anyone who can convince us they belong and can make a difference! So if you feel a yearning desire to turn into our parking lot each time you drive by a Zip Tanz, or have recurring dreams about our Zip Tanz logo send us your resume.


Slackers and sliders just don’t fit the mold here! So p-l-e-a-s-e bring your bag full of energy, enthusiasm, and an undeniably tough work ethic with you if you want to apply! A good sense of humor is a must you just have to be a natural smiler, if you’re not it just won’t happen trust us! We are too busy having fun to engage in office politics and internal “gotcha games” and for the right people that’s HUGE! So if this sounds like a TEAM  you want to be part of, spread your wings and shoot us your resume don’t be afraid to be brag!

Remarkable opportunities for ridiculously passionate people. Send resume today!

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